Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How To Buy Discounted Laptop And PC In Kuala Lumpur

The problem when you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur, or buy laptop and PC in PJ, Kepong, Klang, or Cheras is that many computer outlets sell their computers without the Operating System (OS).

When you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur without the OS you are actually getting a false sense good bargain. This way you get to buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur without really knowing that you are still going to pay more because shortly they will offer you an Operating System for your computer. Of course when you have already paid the laptop or Pc you have no choice but to give in to their little scheme.

If you think that ends there, you are wrong. You are lucky when you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur and get an authentic OS, but almost always, the staff will offer you pirated versions of these OS. And one problem sprouts another and then soon enough you will be wishing that you did not bite that chance to buy discounted laptop or PC in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, if you are in a tight budget, you have no choice but to buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur’s computer outlet stores, right? I mean, RIGHT?

WRONG! Actually, you still can get honest and very decent services when you buy laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur, as long as you know where to buy.

Forget about the big malls and department stores. Ditch away those computer outlet stores. You can buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur from independent marketers of laptop and computer. Call 016-6655271 for more information for cheap laptops in Malaysia!

I have one advice for you if you live around KL, never buy discounted laptop and PC from Kuala Lumpur’s biggest stores because these establishments lack the personal and trustworthy services that young independent businessmen who sell laptop and PC have.

There is so much advantage at buying laptop from independent businessmen. First, the prices are always 20-30% lower than those stores because they do not rent a space for the store. Secondly, they have amazing promos like free keyboard and mouse or cash rebates on Sony Vaio. And I think the best thing is the fact that you can haggle for the price.

Get amazing discounts, freebies and special promos. Avail of cash rebates on some brands. Get amazing bargain deals on computers, contact Mr Tan Sun See today at 016-6655271.


  1. i wanna but a laptop~ I'm a student~ but i love to edit photos and videos too. gaming is not my motive~ recommend me some models please~

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