Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laptop and PC Sale - Discounted Computers, Cheap Laptop for Sale!

Looking for laptop and PC sale? Unlike clothes, which you can find a sale in any store year round, finding laptop and PC sale is really difficult as they do not happen more often.

Finding good bargain deals on laptop and PC is very important. Imagine all the things that you can do with the money that you can save from laptop and PC sale. You can save money for the rent, buy an extra mouse or a webcam… the list of things that you can buy with the amount of money you can save is endless. No doubt, finding laptop and PC sale is something that many of us should search for and take advantage of.

So how can you find amazing discounts on computer?

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Instead of looking for huge mall-wide or store-wide type of laptop and PC sale, why not look for specific computer models that are sold in discounted prices? A laptop and PC sale does not happen everyday, so finding cheap and discounted laptop and PC is a lot more practical.

You can also try the internet to find laptop and PC sale. Try to check out websites that give amazing bargain deals and freebies on their products. Call their hotline number and confirm your order. The internet is a very convenient way to find and avail of laptop and PC sale.

Some laptop are sold with free printers and other items. You can get a bargain deal by giving up such freebies. If you are an internet user, there is a very small chance that you will be needing a printer, so give up the freebie and asked for a discount. This always work!

There a lot of ways that you can get amazing deals on computers and laptop. Find amazing laptop and PC sale today.

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How To Buy Laptop in Malaysia for Less? Tips You Need To Know By Heart

To buy laptop in Malaysia for less is sure a difficult task to do. And it will be far more difficult if you are unaware of the things that you should do in order to get discounts when you buy laptop in Malaysia.

If you spend a lot of time using the computer, then maybe it is about time that you buy a laptop. A laptop is a good gadget to buy as it is very convenient to use and is very portable. Now, the problem is, how can you buy laptop in Malaysia without spending too much?

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There are simple things that you should think about if you want to get amazing bargain deals when you buy laptop in Malaysia. Use these simple steps to guide in buying cheap laptop anywhere in the country.

1.) Know Exactly What Laptop you Want:

List down the specifications that you are most like going to need and list down the things that you want your laptop to have, this way you can already eliminate the laptop that do not fall on your list narrowing your choices to a few computers and giving you a better chance to pick the best one for you.

2.) Be Friendly To The Staff:

Be friendly to the staff they are more willing to give you discounts. Be nice to them and they are more likely to give you amazing tips on how to get discounts.

3.) Contact Young and Independent Businessmen:

Now a days you can find young people doing business over the internet. Buying if you plan to buy laptop in Malaysia, I recommend that you contact such young entrepreneurs who sell stocks of laptops. You can get far cheaper prices as they do not rent a space for their stores and staff. Plus, the sevice is more personal so you are more likely to get better bargain deals.

4.) Do not be Swayed by Sales Talk:

Admit, amazing sales staff are everywhere in Malaysia. So when you decide to buy laptop in Malaysia make sure to scrutinize the product and do not be swayed by the amazing sales talks! Ask for cash rebates, freebies and bonuses.

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How to Buy ASUS Laptop in Malaysia – Tips on Buying ASUS Laptop in Malaysia You Need To Hear!

Planning to buy ASUS laptop in Malaysia? How do you buy ASUS laptop in Malaysias? How are you going to avail of amazing discounts and incredible bargain deals on ASUS laptop in Malaysia?
ASUS laptop is among the best laptop brands in the world today. It is cheap but the specs are just amazing. To get a really good deal on ASUS laptop in Malaysia, there are certain things that you need to remember and live by.
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Here are some of the amazing tips on how to buy ASUS laptop in Malaysia:
1.) Set a price range:
Make sure that you set a budget before buying ASUS laptop in Malaysia and stick to it. It is better if you will assign a price range in which you are comfortable to part with, this way it is easier to find the laptop that will suit your budget.
2.) Know everything about the ASUS laptop:
Research on the particular model that you are eyeing on. Learn all its specs, the advantages and disadvantages of using such model. Online reviews as well as online forums are amazing information sources about ASUS laptop.
3.) Buy according to you need and not according to your want:
One mistake of buying gadgets is buying a model that you will not need. If all you will do is surf the internet, then I’m sure you can find a simpler ASUS laptop in Malaysia.
4.) Buy from Independent Laptop Agents:
Getting discounts in ASUS laptop in Malaysia is almost next to impossible if you plan to buy in outlet stores. Outlet stores have fix prices and you cannot haggle for discounts. They also lack the amazing cash rebates promos and freebies that independent businessmen offer for ASUS laptop in Malaysia. So instead of buying in stores, call an independent ASUS laptop retailer.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How To Buy Discounted Laptop And PC In Kuala Lumpur

The problem when you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur, or buy laptop and PC in PJ, Kepong, Klang, or Cheras is that many computer outlets sell their computers without the Operating System (OS).

When you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur without the OS you are actually getting a false sense good bargain. This way you get to buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur without really knowing that you are still going to pay more because shortly they will offer you an Operating System for your computer. Of course when you have already paid the laptop or Pc you have no choice but to give in to their little scheme.

If you think that ends there, you are wrong. You are lucky when you buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur and get an authentic OS, but almost always, the staff will offer you pirated versions of these OS. And one problem sprouts another and then soon enough you will be wishing that you did not bite that chance to buy discounted laptop or PC in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, if you are in a tight budget, you have no choice but to buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur’s computer outlet stores, right? I mean, RIGHT?

WRONG! Actually, you still can get honest and very decent services when you buy laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur, as long as you know where to buy.

Forget about the big malls and department stores. Ditch away those computer outlet stores. You can buy discounted laptop and PC in Kuala Lumpur from independent marketers of laptop and computer. Call 016-6655271 for more information for cheap laptops in Malaysia!

I have one advice for you if you live around KL, never buy discounted laptop and PC from Kuala Lumpur’s biggest stores because these establishments lack the personal and trustworthy services that young independent businessmen who sell laptop and PC have.

There is so much advantage at buying laptop from independent businessmen. First, the prices are always 20-30% lower than those stores because they do not rent a space for the store. Secondly, they have amazing promos like free keyboard and mouse or cash rebates on Sony Vaio. And I think the best thing is the fact that you can haggle for the price.

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ASUS Laptop Vs Sony Vaio Laptop Review - Which One is the Better Laptop?

ASUS VS Sony Vaio, which one is better? Setting aside the huge difference in price, which one is a better laptop?
In the question of the better laptop computer, many people would probably guess hands down that Sony Vaio beats ASUS laptop by a mile in the race of the better laptop. But is this true?

As for durability, there seems no difference between a Sony Vaio and ASUS laptop. Many people think ASUS laptop is a pushover as it is cheaper but it is not. ASUS laptops are marketed as gaming computer so having said that we can guarantee that ASUS laptop is as good as Sony Vaio as far as durability is concerned.

Bringing specs to the table, ASUS laptop and Sony Vaio show no major differences at all. However, ASUS laptop proves to have some great advantages over Sony Vaio.

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Firstly, is easier to upgrade than a Sony Vaio.

Secondly, you can have your ASUS laptop repaired in Malaysia if ever something wrong has happened to it; whereas, if you bring your Sony Vaio for a repair, it will have to be shipped back to Singapore. The repair will take a longer time because of this.

Third, ASUS laptop has a global 2 year warranty. If you break your ASUS laptop today, you can have it repaired anywhere in the world, while if you break your Sony Vaio abroad you can only have it repaired if you are in the following countries and if it is within the 1 year Sony warranty ;
  • North America: US and Canada
  • Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

So why do people prefer Sony Vaio over ASUS laptop? The answer is simple. Aside from the fact that Sony Vaio has a clearer HD screen and has Blu Ray, Sony Vaio possesses the name that screams luxury and expensive taste. If you want to impress people then Sony Vaio is the way to go. But if you are in for the practicality, then ASUS laptop is the better Choice!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Find Cheap Laptop in Malaysia - Amazing Tips to Find the Best Deals in Laptop in Malaysia You Shouldn't Miss!

Finding cheap laptop in Malaysia can be nerve-racking. Though many stores and laptop outlets provide tempting bonuses on their laptops, a careful and scrutinizing look at the offer may show a not-so promising deal. So before you part with your money make sure that you really are getting a good deal.

Let me give you some simple FACTS that I learned as I scour for cheap laptop in Malaysia. I hope these facts will help you in finding the best deals for cheap laptop in Malaysia.

FACT #1 : Instead of looking for the promos like special raffles, what you need to look for are special discounts and special cash rebates. Special cash rebates can help you with your budget.

My personal experience buying a Lenovo laptop from a sales agent opened my eyes to the kind of promos that you should be looking for when buying a laptop. Can you imagine I bought a RM4,999-worth of Lenovo laptop for only RM3,999?

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FACT #2 : You are more likely to get cheap laptop in Malaysia if you buy from independent sales person than in a established store or outlet. All the branches of a Laptop outlet in Malaysia has the same generic price for all its laptops anywhere you go in Malaysia. If for examplea  laptop is sold at a RM5,000 in STORE-A in KL, chances are you’ll never going to get a cheaper laptop in any STORE-A branch anywhere in the country. The price is already fixed.

Base on my personal experience buying my Lenovo laptop from Mr Tan Sun See, The laptop that he sells are 20-30% cheaper than those that are sold in pc and laptop outlets in malls and department stores.

FACT #3: You can get better deals on cheap laptop in Malaysia by buying your laptop from independent sales agents than from outlet stores. Laptop outlets pay rents and other fees for the space in huge malls and department stores. They get back these fees by increasing the prices of their products.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop in Malaysia, you have better chance haggling for the price if you buy your laptop from an independent laptop sales agent than a laptop store. So try your best to contact a trustworthy businessman who is willing to give you a brand new laptop at the price that you can afford.

Cheap laptop in Malaysia comes easy to those who knows where to look or who to call. This is your chance to get a cheap laptop. Avail of amazing cash rebates and freebies from Mr Tan Sun See. Contact Mr Tan Sun See now @ 016-6655271.