Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Find Cheap Laptop in Malaysia - Amazing Tips to Find the Best Deals in Laptop in Malaysia You Shouldn't Miss!

Finding cheap laptop in Malaysia can be nerve-racking. Though many stores and laptop outlets provide tempting bonuses on their laptops, a careful and scrutinizing look at the offer may show a not-so promising deal. So before you part with your money make sure that you really are getting a good deal.

Let me give you some simple FACTS that I learned as I scour for cheap laptop in Malaysia. I hope these facts will help you in finding the best deals for cheap laptop in Malaysia.

FACT #1 : Instead of looking for the promos like special raffles, what you need to look for are special discounts and special cash rebates. Special cash rebates can help you with your budget.

My personal experience buying a Lenovo laptop from a sales agent opened my eyes to the kind of promos that you should be looking for when buying a laptop. Can you imagine I bought a RM4,999-worth of Lenovo laptop for only RM3,999?

If you want to get amazing special cash rebates when you buy Lenovo laptop call Mr. Tan Sun See @ 016-6655271.

FACT #2 : You are more likely to get cheap laptop in Malaysia if you buy from independent sales person than in a established store or outlet. All the branches of a Laptop outlet in Malaysia has the same generic price for all its laptops anywhere you go in Malaysia. If for examplea  laptop is sold at a RM5,000 in STORE-A in KL, chances are you’ll never going to get a cheaper laptop in any STORE-A branch anywhere in the country. The price is already fixed.

Base on my personal experience buying my Lenovo laptop from Mr Tan Sun See, The laptop that he sells are 20-30% cheaper than those that are sold in pc and laptop outlets in malls and department stores.

FACT #3: You can get better deals on cheap laptop in Malaysia by buying your laptop from independent sales agents than from outlet stores. Laptop outlets pay rents and other fees for the space in huge malls and department stores. They get back these fees by increasing the prices of their products.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop in Malaysia, you have better chance haggling for the price if you buy your laptop from an independent laptop sales agent than a laptop store. So try your best to contact a trustworthy businessman who is willing to give you a brand new laptop at the price that you can afford.

Cheap laptop in Malaysia comes easy to those who knows where to look or who to call. This is your chance to get a cheap laptop. Avail of amazing cash rebates and freebies from Mr Tan Sun See. Contact Mr Tan Sun See now @ 016-6655271.


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